Research Note

December 2023 The Greatest Bailout of the Century is Good News for Open RAN!

December 2023


We cheerfully welcome AT&T’s move as it is great news for:

  • The open RAN community and its growing ecosystem because we have been waiting for AT&T, the chief driver of open RAN since it started its flagship Domain 2.0 project in 2012 to look at network disaggregation, to pull the trigger.
  • Other open RAN vendors to be added to the AT&T network soon.
  • The U.S. as AT&T is putting the country back in the driver’s seat. This is where the open RAN journey started after all.
  • Our forecast that has been built with great expectations in the U.S. to materialize in the 2024 – 2028 timeframe.

BUT here is the caveat that led to superficially attractive coverage that did not stand up to close examination. THE deal entails serious compromises made by the 2 companies.

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